RARE AIR works with operators as their exclusive commercial department. We are able to quote and confirm charter flights directly.
We can also arrange cargo and airline charters within 24hrs, up to 100tonnes and 500 passengers.

For any request for an aircraft purchase, please be prepared to answer these simple questions:

  1. Name of the buyer
  2. Name of the authorised person
  3. Lead time - are you buying right now, or only considering a purchase?
  4. What is the budget?
  5. Is finance required? Has financing been approved?
  6. Are funds in escrow yet? Be prepared to move at least 10% of the expected purchase price.
  7. Ready to issue LOI? We can't offer "off market" aircraft without one.
  8. Aircraft type (airliner/business/helicopter)?
  9. Preferred manufacturer and model?
  10. Preferred cabin configuration?
  11. Special requirements?
  12. Ancillary services - finance, training, operation, management, SPV?

RARE AIR can only offer a professional service if we have the correct information.