Business aircraft lease strategy

Business aircraft lease strategy
Follow our Easy Steps…
The RARE AIR team will walk you through the entire process, but it always feels more satisfying if you understand it before you begin!
Every transaction follows the same basic path.
STEP 1: Engage RARE AIR!! We only work for clients who have committed to us;
STEP 2: Prepare the documentation that any Lessor doing a due diligence will expect - audited financials, corporate officer's details, proof of funds, and the like;
STEP 3: Request RARE AIR to perform a "mission survey" to confirm that you will be renting the right aircraft for your needs. You will be shocked to hear some of the amazing requests we get;
STEP 4: Remember that you will be assessed on risk and all Lessors have strict mandates of who they may and may not lease to. It is up to the Lessee to ensure that they present the least risk to the Lessor, not the other way around;
STEP 5: Have your team ready to a) inspect the aircraft and b) impliment the terms of the lease;
STEP 6: Ensure that the bank is ready. Know that you will be placing significant funds into deposits (4-6 months of the lease rate is typical). You may well be expects to show proof of funds or ability before then.